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Yes! Eric Johnson ROCKS! I just got back from seeing him at the Troc in Philly.

I left at about 5. The directions said that it's take about 31 minutes, but my parents thought that it'd take about an hour and a half. I got there in about 40. Stood in line, talked to people about music. Doors opened, I grabbed a shirt and went to the very front! The opening band was the Josh Dion Band, and they were pretty good.

But EJ! He used the same Strat for all of his main set. It was either red or orange; I never could really tell. He used a Sunburst strat for the encores. He did a few songs I didn't know, and they sounded great. Then he did Trademark, which is one of my favorites. He said they were going to do more from "Ah Via, or whatever it is," and then he did an incredible Forty Mile Town. I'm not sure what the exact order was for the rest, and I didn't know a lot of them, but he did Tribute to Jerry Reed, and two songs by the bassist, one of which was a twelve-bar blues. There was also an instrumental twelve-bar blues song somwhere in there. He did Desert Rose, which is my third favorite (next to Lonely In the Night and Cliffs of Dover), and then he went into a guitar solo. It started out clean, and I realized yet again how awesome he is. Then he kicked on the distortion, and I was pretty sure of what was coming. When he hit that low E and then bent the 15th fret of the high E, everyone screamed! Cliffs of Dover was absolutely incredible! I think that that was his last one before leaving the stage, but I'm not sure.

There ended up being 4 encores. I'm not entirely sure which was where, but the songs that I remember were Summer Jam, 12 to 12 Vibe (which I was surprised to learn was only just released on Bloom, since he did it on the G3 tour in '96), Righteous, S.R.V., Friends, and Anthem for Today. He also did Drive My Car by the Beatles and Manic Depression and The Wind Cries Mary by Hendrix. He seemed to be having trouble with playing and singing part of Manic Depression (the "music sweet music..." part), but he did an absolutely incredible version of Wind Cries Mary.

Before Tribute to Jerry Reed, he announced that they were going to play some country and western. Then he started talking about how Texas was the only place where you could get five syllables out of a one-syllable word. Then he gave a demonstration with the words "Bill" and "Tones". The Tones one was really funny, but I can't remember it.
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