Robert (EagleTalon) (brew_askew) wrote in ej_zenland,
Robert (EagleTalon)

Hello from Oklahoma

It's good to see an Eric Johnson community on here.

I've been a fan since 1990 when I was living in Arkansas. I heard High Landrons and Cliffs of Dover on the radio (this was quite a few years before good radio programming was mergered into oblivion). Later, The Ah Via Musicom album was played in its entirety on the same station (the incomparable Magic 105 in Little Rock) at midnight, back in the good ole days of Album-Oriented rock radio. From that point on I was hooked. I have since bought every CD available. His style of play and attention to detail is peerless. His music speaks to the soul in a way that few guitarists and lyricists can. I know that some people, especially macho male guitarists detest his singing so much, saying he should just quit singing altogether and just play. I, on the other hand, like to hear what he has to say lyrically now and then. His voice is good enough to do the job.
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Welcome to the community. Eric is quite the well rounded musician and the videos of the Piano and acoustic tour are proof of that. Hopefully, his new album will be released sometime soon. I really hope his cover of My Back Pages makes it on there. Cheers.